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my tragedy is merely a romance in disguise
please don't wake me up from this dream
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1st-Jul-2035 02:02 am - Friend Post
Sandeul :P
Not locked. There's no real point, if you want to look into my personal entries (aka mental degradation, feel free to do so and laugh at me if you wish)

NC17 Fics will be locked, however. Simply because I am embarassed by them.

I thrive off angst and slash, best if you combine the two together.

If you want to be friends, leave a comment and I will add you back.

Myself and ICollapse )

20th-Feb-2020 10:28 am - masterlist [june 2nd, 2011]
Sandeul :P
collection of my writing, do feel free to browse about. Number of ♥ reflects on author's personal favourites. ♣ reflects personal recommendations (tragically Sungmin and Haemin biased, those are the best pieces)

Read more...Collapse )Rating: R/NC-17Collapse )Err... What?Collapse )

Chaptered Fics (SuperJunior NoMore, SuperJunior DayCare, In Debt, Hierarchies)Collapse )

12th-Nov-2014 09:03 am - shit I need to finish
Sandeul :P

1. Watch Gundam 00


2. fix up facebook friends
23rd-Dec-2011 09:39 am - RECAP

While watching Mubank’s special Christmas episode (featuring Wonderboys 2.0 with Shindong as the only reoccurring character, Mir, Sungjong and plastic shit from ZE:A), it brought back so many flourishing memories from 2011. I’d like to think that it was moreso the year end chart that really spurred me on to write an entry, since it’s been literally ages since I’ve written random confessionals, what better way than to recap on the drugs of 2011

Big kudos and acknowledgement to Secret, Sistar, Infinite and Fx this year for topping music charts and landing quite a few first places with respective songs. Shy boy, moonlight starlight, love is move, so cool, be mine, paradise, danger, hot summer were all SOLID SOLID releases. So happy and proud of them.

The more veteran groups, Beast took early 2011 with Fiction. Good album, great title track, solid sweep of all three music stations. Big Bang’s tonight and café were solid tracks. DBSK had KYHD, and that annoying little girl IU with her Good Day.

Hyuna+Hyunseung’s Troublemaker duo was quite interesting, and I’m finding myself appreciating both of them a lot more because of their joint collaboration. GD+TOP collab was interesting, not a fan but they have their success.

SCREAM TO THE BOYS. A good scream. Seohyun adlibs, Taeyeon adlibs, stunning concept photos. Terrible follow up song with Mr. Taxi, but what can you expect, SNSD isn’t going to sweep charts and awards two/three years in a row.

SCREAMING TO ACHA. A BAD SCREAM. Worst song ever to date, terrible choreo, just stop so Super Junior can retire with a good name instead of getting tarnished with shitty releases. You want them to end with a brilliant last flare, right?

Not a fan but wondergirls made a small splash with Be My Baby. Never got the hype, but they’re back with a better song than two different types of what last year.

Biggest upset has got to be afterschool, ftisland and mblaq. Shampoo and Mona Lisa didn’t win anything, sobbing legit tears, and FTI just seemed dead this year. I want their old stuff back when Hongki goes hardcore emo with the romance shit.

BEST SONG AND GROUP of the year has GOT TO BE T-ARA, flawless queens. Rolypoly and crycry were superior tracks, such different concepts and they’re so fierce omg stanning t-ara until the end of time. Watch them have their own concert and they’ll just be pulling concepts left and right like they’re lifting a finger and it’ll be so perfect and gorgeous

NEW SM BOYGROUP. Stanning them already, new blood is always nice, especially since SME took their time with this group, I’m expecting big things from them already. And LOL at the haters who think it’ll threaten Suju/Shinee. Girls, Suju is dead already, get over it and start preparing the funeral procedures, why can’t fans fucking accept that, so annoying I fucking hate suju fans.

Losing interest because my teeth hurt, my mouth is still swollen from yanking out all four of my wisdom teeth, cranky to the max.

14th-Dec-2011 06:10 pm - myungsoo's quest to find pleasure
Sandeul :P
myungsoo's quest to find pleasure
myungsoo-centric | R | comedy
1052 words

myungsoo has an accident and all hell breaks loose

the natural thing to do after white stuff spurts out of your dick was to freak out.Collapse )
30th-Nov-2011 09:00 pm - Hamartia
Sandeul :P

Infinite || Woohyun/Myungsoo || R
AU (mentions of prostitution, sex, drugs)
1218 words

even acknowledging one's tragic flaw isn't enough to save the soul ; i never thougt i'd fall into the same category

A few girls next to him flounder about how attractive he looked, and all Myungsoo could do was smile, the corner of his mouth tugging up ever so slightly. For some reason, he starts to feel airy and fluttery when he walks back over to join him by the railings.Collapse )
6th-Nov-2011 09:18 pm - Taciturn
Sandeul :P

Dongwoo/Woohyun | PG | Premodern!AU Angst
1770 words
Silence is a universal language.

A/N: I like torturing Woohyun, don't ask why. Originally it was suppose to be Hoya instead, but Dongwoo seemed much more fitting. Comments much appreciated. ♥

The boy looks confused, a flash of hurt sparkling in his eyes, and he holds out something, spheres and ovals of purple. Collapse )

11th-Oct-2011 01:52 am(no subject)

get over it
sungmin/sunny feat. snsd
romance // pg // 582 words

sungmin knows he screwed up along the way, and why does everyone side against him

After two more exchanges, Sungmin realizes Seohyun had completely avoided his original question.Collapse )

Sandeul :P

should have shoved you off the path instead
Hoya/Woohyun  ||  Friendship  ||  PG
They're jogging partners according to Howon, but Woohyun's being a retard [again]

A/N: Predebut fic, a part of me recalls Infinite having to jog in the morning to build stamina or something. I don't really remember the exact details, but it should work even if it's purely fictional?

“Because I’m not good enough. I’ll never be good enough.”Collapse )

2nd-Oct-2011 10:55 pm - Chimes [in the distant]
Sandeul :P

Title: Chimes [in the distance]
Fandom: Infinite
Pairing: Hoya/Woohyun
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance
Summary: Everything has a focal point, the resonance echoing away, drawing different, parallel lines.

The wind chimes dangling by the front window began to waver against a particular strong gust of wind, and Woohyun looks up at the front porch, his grip on the wooden spoon stopping the gyrations, the batter almost ready.Collapse )

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